About Us

Welcome to Fairmont P.S.

Fairmont Public School is located in the Hamilton - Highbury area of London. Our school serves a population starting at FDK to Grade Eight. A portion of our students are bused in from the Summerside subdivision south of Commissioners Road. Our school population includes the Hearing Impaired Classes for the Thames Valley District School Board. We believe that success is reached only when the child, parent and school staff work closely together. Fairmont P.S. enjoys a strong partnership with the School Council. All work together to support the needs of our children and the uniqueness of our school. Fairmont is the "Jewel of the East".

Covid Update

Due to changes in policy revolving around safety of our community, Fairmont Public School's doors will be locked.

In order to gain entry you will need to call our front desk at 519-452-8200. 

The health and safety of our families is our highest priorities. Thank you for your patience during these uncertain times.